Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beach Biking

Friends of ours told us one of their favorite weekend activities is to go to the Santa Monica beach and rent bikes. They park at Shutters on the Beach, walk over to the bike rentals and take the kids to enjoy a day at the beach. They said they stop along the way at all the fun play grounds and the kids can get out and run around before they head off down the boardwalk again. We've been talking about doing it for a month now and finally we decided this morning it would be a great thing to do on this sunny day. 
Mila's never been on a bike before so we were a little worried she might not want to stay on the bike for long but she definitely proved us wrong. She smiled the entire time and loved being on the bike. We first rode South towards Venice to a park Mila and Fab have been before and we got off for Mila to run around. We probably spent 20 minutes at the park, had a snack and then decided to head North toward the Santa Monica pier. We wanted to stay close to the bike rental place just in case Mila changed her mind and decided being on the bike wasn't for her. We rode north for a while and then decided we would grab lunch at Back to the Beach.  The beach started to get crowded so we rode back to return the bikes but we realized two things... riding bikes is so peaceful and a great way to get exercise and Mila definitely enjoys being on bikes too! 

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