Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparing for PreSchool

Oliver's Labels are the best for clothes and shoes
Shoe Labels
Clothing Labels

Mila in her new school shirt... she's so big!
Today is Mila's big day, her first day of preschool. We are both equally excited and counting down the hours until we walk into her school. I'm excited for her to meet some new friends and to spend time in a social environment... I think she's ready to be with some of her peers after a summer of just hanging out with adults. In preparation for school, I spent the weekend labeling all her clothes and shoes. Wow, what a chore! However, I discovered some amazing labels about a year ago and this weekend realized how great they are. Rather than using a sharpee pen to label all of Mila's stuff, these cute labels can either stick right or iron onto the tag or inside of the shirt or clothing.  I realized the stick on labels that I bought were much easier to use, however there were some items that the iron on worked better.  What's great about this option of labeling clothes is that when we donate these clothes or give them away, we can just take the label off and they come in really cute prints and colors! Here is a link to these labels, http://www.oliverslabels.com/

I recommend the stick-eez labels, shoe labels and original and mini labels.

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