Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I love when babies see themselves in the mirror and talk to what they see in the mirror. I remember enjoying Mila at this stage and how much fun we had with her. I can't believe how big Kai is already... he's getting bigger everyday and it's so bittersweet. I love that he's growing but feel it's going by so fast....


Poor Kai, he really doesn't have much personal space or anything of his own. Usually I give him a bath with Mila but since he's starting to move around I've been putting him in his little bath tub and letting him have a few minutes to play in the bath. Tonight he had so much fun splashing in the water. Of course Mila was right next to me helping bathe Kai and adding some special whirl pool effects.


Our visit with the Bell/Rossens was so much fun. Mila was in heaven and so happy she had friends to hang out and play. Of course having 6 kids together with 3 little ones was a little crazy but Mila just loved having Sasha and Dylan around to play with. Here are a few videos from the weekend. Dylan just loved Kai and was so sweet with him.


At the Santa Barbara Zoo they had this hill that all the kids took cardboard and slid down this hill. At first I was nervous for Mila since I wasn't sure she would get the hang of it but I was so wrong. She found some cardboard and joined right in... It actually looked really fun and I wish I joined in.

Monday, April 22, 2013


I think we are almost at the place where Mila is accepting her brother in the house. I took some really cute pictures of them together. Mila was actually happy to hold Kai. A huge sigh since it's been a tough few months of monitoring Mila with him... of course she still can't be left alone with him... that will take some time.

Santa Barbara Zoo

We took the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo while Gogo was here and it's such a sweet little zoo. You can feed the giraffes and explore the zoo without the hassle of a huge place. Of course the day we decided to go the weather wasn't so great and we got stuck in awful traffic but we enjoyed our time and Mila had a blast. Here are some pics I tried to take between feeding Kai, changing his major BLOW out and playing with Mila.
Hopefully we can go back when the weather is nice... it's a perfect zoo for the little ones.


There are so many wonderful moments of being a parent but  I think the most proud I feel is when I see Mila learning how to spell and write. She's slowly writing her name and it's so cute to see her write Mila without the M and then add a C for her full name but I was so proud this weekend when we were outside doing chalk and she started to copy my letters. I wrote LOVE and PEACE and she without my help wrote LOVE. Amazing! I'm so proud.


This is our life, not sure how PINK has made it's way in, especially since we didn't find out what we were having with either Mila or Kai but Mila is so girly. She loves pink, tutus and dressing up... we are so doomed!
However she looks super cute in her tutus so I have to go with it. And she can only wear tutus and ballerina outfits outside the house for so long.


GOGO was here last week and we had a great visit. We let Mila miss school on Friday and took Mila to get her nails done and then took her to Yogurtland to enjoy some frozen yogurt. Of course the weather was a little chilly so we felt bad for Gogo since she's been in cold Denver weather and of course the day she left the sun came out, however we had such a great visit and miss her terribly.  Mila was so happy to see Gogo that we let her stay up late the night she arrived and she just sat with Gogo on the couch and cuddled with her. These are the moments that make me miss being close to family, however the visits we have are truly memorable and so fun for Mila.


I recently taught Mila to fly by getting on my feet and hanging upside down while moving back and forth. She absolutely loves it and I've put Kai on my knees to try it too and he loves it as well. I thought it would be fun to take some pictures to see the view from my vantage point. Mila's hair looks blond which it's not but I think it was the flash. She laughs so hard every time so it's been a great activity in our house.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Mila likes to call birdman's mohawk a mocawk. Of course it's hard not to laugh when she says it but she's so serious when she talks to Kai. "Oh Kai" she says " I love your Mocawk!"



Mila started school today after being away for 3 weeks. One week of being sick and two for spring break. In the car back from school she said a really sweet thing to me. She said, "Mom, do you think you can be small so you can come to school with me and hang out with my friends? I really want you to be with me and I know you can't come if you are too big" It was such a sweet moment.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Sasha, Dylan and Maddox were in town this weekend for spring break and we took them to Hancock park. The kids had so much fun running the hill that I finally had to get it on camera. We were surprised  they still had energy after all their running. Wish I had half their energy!


This is the first year we didn't go home to Colorado for Easter so I wanted to do something for Mila. There was a little Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood that I took Mila to and she had such a fun time. She was able to search for eggs, jump in two jumpy castles and hang out at the park.

Strawberry Picking

While Mila was on spring break we took her to Underwood Farms to pick some strawberries. I had heard this farm was a great place to go during Halloween but had no idea how big it was. Since it was Easter there were some Easter activities but Mila enjoyed some of the staple activities including a John Deer tractor slide, a play train and the pony rides (which she rode one named Marshmellow and we called them My Little Ponies).  We also picked strawberries, kale, beets and lettuce.  It was a perfect place to take her to run around and to enjoy the outdoors.