Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week One Preschool - We survived!

Mila in her Cassidy school shirt

First Day photo before leaving for school

Waiting outside to go into the classroom

Saying Hello to one of her teachers

Day Two and no tears yet

Waiting to go in with her GoGo (Grandma)
Mila is now officially a Cassidy Preschooler and "Blueberry" as they call the kids classroom.
She had a great week learning about school, being patient for class (she's in the afternoon class) and meeting all her teachers. The first day she was so excited about school, especially since I came home the day before with a new Cassidy shirt just her size and had stories to tell her about her teachers. She was proud to be heading to school and so curious about all the kids heading into her classroom. The separation went better than expected the first day and Mila adjusted to her classroom and classmates. It wasn't until that night that she told me she was concerned that I left her and wasn't sure if she wanted to go back the next day, but I think it was more about me leaving her than about going to school. I was apprehensive the second day and worried she might have a meltdown in class, mostly because other kids were having the same reservations about school and a few started crying, but Mila did great and stayed happy throughout her class. I'm so proud of her for this week and what a sweet little person she's become. She's so curious, adventurous and so extremely independent that I knew school would be a perfect place for her. We are so excited for her to be at Cassidy, to make new friends and to learn how to be social with other little kids. This move has been tough since we haven't had many little ones to play with, so Mila's spent most her summer with adults.  Here are some pics from this week....

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