Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day

When we picked Mila up from school today she had the sweetest project they crafted for Mothers Day. They made these colorful flowers and had the kids attach quotes to the flowers. Some of the kids had some hilarious statements but Mila's was pretty sweet. I'm dying of laughter of Mila's outfit in the top photo and of course how she likes to wear her headband. It was also show in tell in the class so Mila brought in her princess figures in some random Halloween basket.. too funny.


Mila's continuing to color and draw and is creating some amazing pictures. The other morning I was busy doing the dishes and Mila was hard at work at her master piece. When she finally showed it to Fab and I we knew right away what she had created. Mila has these princess figures that she's been carrying around the house and she drew each one... so we had her put each princess with her drawing. We were amazed by her detail and Snow Whites picture is totally spot on. So cute!


The other day Mila asked me how I spelled my name. We've been spelling everyone's name in our house and sometimes Mila will ask how to spell some of her classmates names. Mila's gotten so good at spelling her name and is working on even writing her letters out. It's so sweet to watch her get into her letters and we've been excited to see her enthusiastic about school and learning.  So when I spelled out my name she looked at me and said "that's not how you spell your name, you spell it M.O.M"... too funny!


Mila created this super sweet photo the other day for GOGO. I was impressed with her ability to draw these flowers and had to send the picture to GOGO. She's getting so good with her art work that it makes me extremely proud and excited to see she enjoys coloring.


The other day I had Kai on my lap and was watching Ellen on the tv. I was laughing really hard at something which than triggered Kai to laugh at me. It was a very sweet moment because he was really laughing hard at me which made me laugh at him.  These are the moments that melt your heart.

Week of Photos


When GOGO was in town she taught Mila how to skip. Of course it took Mila a little while to get the hang of it but these days she's skipping up a storm. I finally got it on camera to send to GOGO.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

LOVE part 2

These days Mila's painting up a storm. I'll usually sit down with her and paint and the other day I painted the words LOVE on a piece of paper. It was so cute, Mila wanted to copy what I had wrote and while I became busy with Kai she created this amazing print. She's getting so good with her letters that I'm just so amazed.


I caught Kai chatting with Mila's doll Katy Perry the other night... It's so sweet to see him move his little arms and try to bat at stuff. He's super talkative and smiley and such a happy baby.


I recently bought Mila a few new swim suits for our upcoming trip to Hawaii and one of the suits is a cute little blue butterfly bikini. Mila's getting so excited for her trip and talking about Hawaii every day so she was thrilled when I showed her the suits. I had to laugh when she looked at me and said, "Mom this blue zucchini is really cute". I love when she has these serious moments but has a funny saying with it. It shows that at this age they have so much enthusiasm and innocence.

I can't wait to see her in this blue zucchini "bikini".


We bought this bike for Mila almost a year ago and it hasn't been until a few weeks ago that she has any interest in it. She's been begging me to take her to the park with it and I told her we had to wait until Fab and I both could take her so one could focus on her and the other on Kai. Yesterday she had the day off school and the weather was amazing so we took her to the park to practice.  Much to my surprise Mila took off and did a great job riding her bike.  If we can keep her interest in the bike she will be a pro when we get her a bike with pedals.. Go Mila!

Tidal Waves

This video makes us laugh so hard. We gave Kai a bath the other night and of course Mila has to be right in the middle of the entire event, helping out and making sure she's a part of anything related to Kai. Here Kai is kicking his legs but Mila is splashing the water and making waves for Kai... of course he's laughing hard but it scared me as he almost falls under the water.

Pete the Cat

Mila Rockin in her school shoes

One of our new favorite books in the house is Pete the Cat. It's a great series of books and we found Pete the Cat and his school shoes at the library. The cool thing is you can hear the audio online so we've been having so much fun listening to the audio and reading the book. I love when Mila sings the main part.. she was a little camera shy so she wouldn't sing a ton but I got part of her singing.


It's happened already!  The past few weeks Kai's been practicing rolling over. It's much earlier than Mila rolled over and even though he can only roll to his tummy, it's so fun to see.  Of course he has his sisters determination that he has to practice his new trick all day long, which means, I'm constantly heading over to check on him or roll him back to his back since he gets frustrated of being stuck on his tummy. I know already, I'm doomed... this child will be crawling in no time.


Last weekend we took Mila to her friends house for a school party. The party was Dinner and a Movie for the little ones and the movie turned out to be Toy Story. Our friend did such a great job hosting this party... she even hired Woody and Buzz to greet and play with the kids. At first Mila was afraid of the characters but warmed up to them once they pulled out the limbo stick. The movie was shown outside on a projector screen and the kids were able to get cozy with blankets and large pillows. There was amazing food for the kids and adults for dinner and great dessert candy and popcorn once the movie started. Mila had so much fun that she's still talking about it and wanting to go back to Jacks for another movie... guess we will have to wait until next years party.