Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week of Pictures

Little Buffs

We were able to get together with some of our friends while we were home for our short visit. Mila was so excited to hang out with kids her size and was overwhelmed by the amount of toys in Keren's basement. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and for Mila to make new friends. We thought it would be fun to get the kids together for a Buff pic. The best was a few minutes before this picture Delilah had taken a permanent marker to her face and cheek... you can see the evidence in a few of the pictures. Hilarious!


We gave Kai his first haircut... his hair was so long it was falling into his face and hanging over his ears. I just love this picture of him in his crib.. he looks so handsome and I've fallen in love with him.


While we were in Hawaii we received a call that my grandmother had passed away.  It was such sad news to receive while on vacation but my grandmother traveled all her life and was so happy to know we were leaving for vacation when I last spoke to her. The past weekend we had a memorial service for her and I flew alone with the kids. It was our first time home since we had Kai and almost a year since we had visited Colorado. Of course the weather was super hot already and we all forgot how dry and hot it can be but we had a really nice visit with our family and friends. After being away for so long, it made our trip even more meaningful and special. Mila enjoyed the week with her cousins and we even got to meet our newest member Mr. Parker Scott who arrived just in time for us to meet him. Here are some pictures from the week. Zoe was so excited to meet us at the airport that she picked out a new outfit, brought a picture book we had made for her when she first met Mila and brought the mixed CD in the car to listen too. Too cute for words.

A few weeks of Photos

Even Katy Perry wears her headband like Mila

Morning cuddles

Kicks from Aunty Jorden

Sunday, June 9, 2013

GOGO here again

Gogo came to visit again and was here waiting when we arrived from Hawaii. The weekend was such a nice weekend and we took Gogo to the Getty for some outdoor fun. Since it was Memorial Day the Getty was packed but we still had fun running down the hills and enjoying their amazing outdoor gardens. Here are some pics from her visit.


The entire week we were in Hawaii Mila read the book Pinkalicious. They have it at her school but this past week she was obsessed with it. When we returned from Hawaii, she would ask every day if we could make cupcakes. It took me a long time to realize why she was asking to make cupcakes and I would tell her no each day wondering where in the world this was coming from. When I finally caved in and said yes, she asked if they would be pink.  So we made Pinkalicious cupcakes... take a look