Thursday, January 31, 2013


Mila's Rainbow

Metropolis - was so cool!

We finally got around to visiting the LACMA and I'm so sad it's taken us this long to check it out. It's such a cool place to visit and the art exhibits were amazing. Mila had such a wonderful time running around the museum, checking out the exhibits as well as hanging out in their children's art room. We started in the art room and Mila was so excited to be able to paint, draw and color. She drew a cute little rainbow for us and was in heaven with their art supplies. What's really neat about the museum is you can sign up for their Next Gen membership for the kids which is free and then with their membership you get an adult ticket for free too. We had such a special afternoon and I'm so glad we finally made it to the museum. We will definitely be back soon... it's a perfect activity to do on a weekend afternoon.

GOGO's Visit

Gogo arrived the day Kai was born and spent a week with us, hanging out, helping with Mila and spending quality time with the family. Mila and Gogo have such a sweet bond and Mila loves it when Gogo comes to visit. The day before Gogo left, Mila skipped school and we took her down to the Santa Monica Pier. The weather was perfect and Mila had been asking to ride the ferris wheel. She finally got her wish and had a nice ride with her dad and Gogo. We can't wait until she comes back to visit again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cassidy Birthday Celebration

Mila had a crown birthday party at school the Friday before her actual big day. Since Kai arrived a few days early I wasn't able to make it to the party but her teachers and my mom took pictures of the celebration. I heard Mila was so proud to have her dad and grandma in her class as well as took on the task to show everyone how to scoop yogurt and fruit into each bowl.

Stir Crazy

What do you do when the weather is chilly and you have been cooped up in the house since Saturday since your little brother arrived... DANCE!
Mila's been a little stir crazy this week with all the changes going on in our house so I decided to turn the music up and let us dance it out... I think this song might become a new favorite, uh oh.

Happy Birthday Mila - a week late

Fab brought her flowers

Last Sunday, January 13th was Mila's 3rd birthday. Since I had just arrived home from the hospital, we kept it pretty mellow and just had a few friends and Gogo there to celebrate. Even though Mila's idea of having a birthday party included balloons, cake, candles, flowers and party hats. We managed to blow up some balloons, have a chocolate cake with candles and Fab even showed up with some flowers for Mila.  She was so excited for her birthday celebration.
I still can't believe three years have gone by, it seems like yesterday we brought Mila home from the hospital and spent an entire night trying to figure out how to console a crying baby.
Mila, Ms Mila Moo, you have brought us so much joy, happiness and laughter to our lives. Your tenacity, determination, love and silliness is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going through out the day. You are such a special little girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.
We cant' wait to see what an amazing person you grow up to be and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.
We love you!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Sister

Mila is officially a big sister. I think she's still trying to digest everything but so far she's been an amazing sister. The first night we arrived home Mila woke up and came into our bed. About 20 minutes after she cuddled into the bed with Fab, Kai and I, Kai woke up. Mila of course wanted to be involved in every little detail. She jumped up out of bed with me to change Kai, helped with the diapers and then wanted to help feed. 3 hours later, she was up and helping me again. I was worried she would be so exhausted on her birthday but she was so happy. She loves being able to help with Kai and wants to give him kisses A LOT! It's so sweet to see her with him and as we are all adjusting to a baby in the house, she's doing an amazing job.
Of course there are moments when I think she's not prepared to have him around. The other night she asked me to take him off my boob so she could give me a big hug and have me sleep with her. Or when she asked where he was sleeping since she wanted to sleep with us. But I know Mila's going to be such a loving, sweet and generous big sister. She's doing such a wonderful job already.