Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dancing with the Stars

We introduced Mila to Dancing with the Stars this past week since lately she's really into dancing and she loved watching ice skating. We had no idea she was going to take her dance moves to another level when she popped up off the couch to start dancing. Of course she now wants to watch Dancing with the Stars every night... she doesn't quite get the concept that we have to wait a week to watch the next episode. We are so doomed!


I think and I say think Mila is finally starting to accept her brother and REALLY love him. Of course there are still the moments where I find her trying to give him popcorn or covering his mouth because he's crying or feeding him the bottle when no one is watching, but I truly believe she's happy he's here. The other night I was able to capture a cute moment with Mila and Kai. Yes, her popsicle scares me a little bit as it inches closer to him and she did give him one sweet sticky orange popsicle kiss on his lips.. but it's cute how she gets a reaction from him and finally enjoys his company.


This week we've been really sick and of course by Thursday I lost my voice. Mila was so upset and confused because when I talked I had to whisper (Let me tell you how hard it is to not have a voice when you have a toddler). Every time I would say something she would look at me and then say, ok Mom, now really talk. Or where is your Echo? We would go places and when we returned home she would say, Mom, you can talk again. It wasn't until yesterday that my voice started to come back and Mila looked at me and said... "Mom, your talk is back".

More Wishes

I was able to snap a few pictures of Mila blowing wishes.  Usually when we go out on walks she finds random sticks, dandelions or weeds to pick but today it was really fun to see her get so excited for a lawn full of wishes. I actually took a few myself and we both blew wishes... these are the days that I'm so grateful to have my kids. It's so fun to do things that I used to do as a kid and it brings me back to my childhood and it keeps me young.
Let's just hope my wishes come true.....


Look how cute, Mila is starting to write her name! I'm so proud of her. The only letter she's struggling with is M so I helped her with it but the rest she drew herself. It's unbelievable how big she is... so bittersweet!

Princess Diaries

I have no idea when it happened but Mila's now obsessed with princesses, ballet and wearing this tutu dress! As soon as she wakes up she strips off her pajamas and put this outfit on.  Our rule in the house is she can not wear it outside the house and it's only for playtime in the house but today she convinced us to wear it to Heather and Jamison's house. She's one tricky girl and I swear she will be a lawyer when she grows up... she fights until she gets what she wants and here she is wearing the tutu in Heather's backyard.

Sofia The First

Mila's new obsession is Sofia the first. We bribed Mila with these pj's telling her that if she was a good girl and listened for a week she could get these pajamas for her school pajama day. Of course she was great all week and she got the pjs and now we can't take them off her! She was so proud to wear them to school and show all her friends. It was really sweet to see all her friends in their pajamas for their special pajama and pancake day before spring break.


We had a wonderful weekend the weekend Amber visited and I am finally posting a few pics of Mila and her friends from our Sunday hike and farmers market trip.  These days Mila gets so excited to see her friends and it melts my heart to see her interact with all her school mates. I love that Mila will play  with everyone in her class. One of her best attributes is that she can play with both the girls and the boys. She's totally into pink and princesses but she has no problem getting dirty and throwing rocks with the boys either. She loves to be outside and had such a great time showing her friends our favorite hike.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

LA Marathon

Last weekend was the LA Marathon and one of Mila's teachers was running the race. We had been watching the race on the tv early in the morning and than took Mila up to San Vicente to see the runners and cheer them on. Mila was so into the race and was inspired to run that she decided to run all day... it was really cute and special to see Mila so into something. I laugh at her outfit, especially her socks with the jellies... ugh, there are some things I can't control.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kai and Greyson

These pictures crack me up. We placed Greyson and Kai together on the floor and Greyson looks so big. I love how Greyson is holding Kai's hand in one of the pics. I can't believe how fast time has flown by and Greyson is almost 7 months. It feels like yesterday we arrived at the hospital to meet him for the first time and now he's this giggling, happy big boy.


Kai's found himself in the mirror. It's so sweet to watch him coo at himself and smile. I love how little babies are amazed at looking at them self in a mirror and Kai's smile is just so sweet.


We still have it. The headband pictures are some of my all time favorite pictures of Mila when she was a little baby. I love how beautiful she looks as a sweet little baby and I remember how much fun I had snapping the pictures. And 3 years later she's still rockin it.


How cute is this, I asked Mila what she drew on her picture and she said "Mama, these are wishes"... and after further review I saw it, they definitely look like the dandelion wishes Mila loves so much.


I caught this cute video of Kai chatting it up with Fab. He's starting to coo more and it just melts our heart. You forget these sweet moments and I'm trying to capture more on video since time is already flying by so quickly.

More than ONE

Our family is starting to get adjusted to being a family of four. While I still spend 75% of my day telling Mila to please be gentle with her brother or to keep her kisses short and sweet vs long and wet, Mila's definitely starting to accept her brother as part of the family.  She doesn't seem as angry about his presence and she's finally telling him how much she loves him and how cute he is. The other day I heard Mila in the bedroom with Kai.  When I finally stopped doing the dishes to go in and check on her,  I found Mila accessorizing Kai with all her hair bows, her Cinderella watch and of course those lovely bunny ears.  I was able to capture a little bit on video and of course got this hilarious picture of Kai. This was the first time my heart skipped a beat and I was giddy inside...I saw a glimmer of my future with my kids and how some day soon they will play together. We always knew we wanted more than one kid but after 2 years of just having Mila we started to enjoy having JUST Mila to ourselves and thought it would be fine if we didn't have any other children. I'm so happy we decided to have another. Growing up with my sisters, we always had so much fun together that I couldn't imagine Mila not having a sibling.  While I know they will have many disputes and moments they won't want to play together, I now know there will be great moments of Mila caring for her little brother. And I look forward to those giggling moments of the two of them playing together.