Friday, September 7, 2012

Books - The Best Gift

A friend of ours is getting geared up for her first baby and through conversation she had mentioned she didn't really receive any books for her baby shower except the books we've given her. Before Mila was born I've had the house stacked with books, two book shelves of amazing children's books and have made a point that every night we read before bed and have quiet time during the day to read.  For my baby shower I didn't really want gifts but told my girlfriend who was hosting that if people asked what I needed, I would love a book. What I ended up with was a great library of books my friends read to their own children. The best part of my shower was I didn't get one duplicate book and have now  favorites we give as gifts.  Recently I learned of an amazing children's book store here in LA and today we finally found time to check it out.  At first we were overwhelmed by all the books but once Mila and I started shopping, it's this great gem that is extremely organized and has some of the best books we haven't seen elsewhere.  Go check it out...

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