Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun Day

I decided that before Mila starts school I want to take her on some fun LA Adventures.  One of Mila's favorite activities is to ride the Carousel. I must admit, it's become a fun activity for us all.  As many times as I've walked or run by the Santa Monica pier, I never realized there was an old school carousel located right below the pier. Mila and I went out for a few hours today and had such a blast. It was almost too hot as we were walking along the boardwalk so we stopped for some fresh lemonade to cool us off. Not sure about the hot dog on the stick that they offered, however the line was pretty long so I'm assuming people must love that stuff.  For the Friday before Labor day the pier looked like it was starting to get crowded, however the carousel barely had any kids in there. We rode the horses once (which surprised me that Mila didn't want to go on it again, we usually have to ride a few times) but I think she was distracted by the old school ice cream shop they have in the building.  Mila convinced me she should have an ice cream cone so we sat at the bar and each had a scoop. Definitely a fun activity to do if you want to take yourself back to your childhood. Oh the joys of having kids!

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