Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 weeks

Kai is 7 weeks today.. so crazy that he's this old already. It feels like yesterday we brought him home and were adjusting to the new family of 4. I'm finally waking up or learning how to function on less sleep but I just feel as if I've missed out on 7 weeks of Kai and Mila's life.  It's crazy how fast time flies and that Kai's already been in this world for 7 weeks. I think my sleep deprivation has blocked my memory and I fear I'm not going to remember all these special moments with Mila and Kai. So I decided today that I'm going to take one picture of both Mila and Kai every day for the rest of this year. With my memory failing me, at least I will have pictures to remind me of these special moments.


Here is Mila singing all the songs she knows in one song... I called it the Mila remix.

My Special Day

Since Kai has been born, I haven't had the chance to spend quality time and focus on just Mila. Fab and I both had been wanting to do something special with just her but with visitors and Fab's busy schedule we hadn't had the chance until this past weekend. Fab spent Saturday with Mila and took her out to a tumbling class and lunch, while Sunday I took Mila to get her nails done and to shop for new shoes.  Mila was so patient as the lady did her nails and she had fun picking out different pinks for her fingers and toes. Mila insisted I use the same color as her nails for my toes, even though I wanted a light pale color, and we laughed that the color I wanted was called marshmallow. Of course when we left, Mila told me she wanted to come back and get her nails done again with the marshmallow color.  I know Mila enjoyed the quality time because when we pulled into the garage, she told me she didn't want to go back home. Poor girl has been so good with adjusting to her new life with her brother so I can't blame her for not wanting the day to end.

So Big

This morning Mila decided she wanted to set her table and eat at her little table for breakfast.  We've been working on our manners and doing things around the house so I was excited to hear she wanted to help out. She was so cute, she arranged the placemats on her table, pulled out napkins and made sure we each had forks.
I can't believe how big she's getting... these past few weeks she's just grown so much and it makes me sad to see that she's not my little baby anymore.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love Daddy

Mila's been so happy Fab's soccer is over since it means he's home more. The other day she took his hat and put it on and wanted me to video her sending a message to Fab.  She is also happy that they get more snuggle time. Fab had both kids as they settled into the couch to watch a movie. So sweet...

P.S. Mila picked that shirt out of her drawer, a gift from her Grammie. She has no idea what it says but it's becoming her new "favorite". She put it on yesterday as she and Fab were having a special day together... so funny! Made me laugh hard that she picked that one out for her day with daddy... I think I might have to loose that shirt soon.


We've had some funny moments with Mila lately where she is very literal with some of the statements we've said to her. Here are a few that make me chuckle when I think about them.

Mila said she had to go potty and then started to play and lost focus on actually going to the bathroom, so I said to her, Mila let's go potty before you pee your pants. Mila looked at me and said, I'm not wearing any pants, I have a skirt on..

Fab and Mila brought home some cupcakes and Mila was so proud that she picked them out herself. When we finally sat down to eat them I told Mila the pink one she was enjoying had her name written all over it. Looking puzzled and investigating her cupcake, she finally looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't see my name on the cupcake at all".

Fab asked her if she wanted to be a lawyer when she grows up and she looked at him and replied, "No Daddy, I want to be Mila".

These days Mila is chatting non stop and comes up with some really hilarious things... she never stops until it's time to sleep and even then when we go to bed she is still telling stories until I tell her it's time to relax.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Mila received some chalk as one of her "big sister" gifts. I had been hesitant to take her out to use the chalk but the other afternoon Fab took the kids out for a walk and he suggested she bring her chalk. Mila had such a great time drawing pictures along their walk that the next day she wanted to take me on that same walk to show me her drawings. It was almost as if we were on a treasure hunt looking for her pictures. Since she had so much fun with Fab she wanted to bring her chalk along on our treasure hunt and we ended up creating more pictures around the neighborhood. Mila surprised me that she could draw a sun, square, circle and triangle.
The best part about our adventure was her head band. These days she's into wearing her headband on her forehead not on her head... it's her so hip look!


I was able to capture some cute photos of Mila and Kai the other morning. Mila was actually loving her brother and not trying to secretly hurt him.
They both look like Fab so much... I can't wait to see what Kai looks like in a couple of years.

Auntie Sara

Auntie Sara arrived just in time... we needed some tender lovin care and Mila needed some fun attention and interaction. We had such a great weekend with her and we were all depressed yesterday after she left. I started crying when we dropped her off at the airport and Mila's response was "Mommy, don't be sad, she'll come back!" Oh Mila, you are so cute! Then later that day Mila told me how much she missed Auntie Sara and wanted to go visit her at her house.
Mila was so impressed by Auntie Sara's ability to play the recorder that she wanted to sing some songs with her and play the guitar.  I was able to record it and we all laughed when we watched it again. Of course this morning Mila wanted me to play the recorder and I had to tell her I wasn't nearly as good as Sara.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Mila Quotes

Mila's hilarious these days and I didn't want to forget some of the quotes she's said lately that made me laugh. The girl never stops talking and doesn't take a moment to slow down.

In reference to her brother "Mom, Birdman is awake"
Her response when her brother is crying "he's hungry, he needs a diaper change, he's tired"
She got some temporary tattoos from a friend at school and asked me to put them on the other day "Mom can I have a tutat"

She surprised me the other day when she was going potty... she looked at me and said "mommy, can I have some poop music" that's my girl.  And the music choice was Dance Again. Hilarious!

We were dancing to some music yesterday and she looks at me and says "Mom, look at my princess moves" and started raising her shoulders...Hilarious. I am going to use this more often.

Saturday we went to breakfast and since we decided to sit outside I had to feed Kai in the car since there was a little breeze. I came back from feeding him and Mila looked at me at said, "Mom, I had a chocolate croissina (croissant) with daddy"

And of course whenever we see a dandelion she calls them "Wishes" so cute...

Be My Valentine

My feather girl

Some Bunny Loves You

Happy Valentines Day! I took Mila to the Brentwood Country Mart on Monday for a little event SugarPaper was doing for Valentines Day. They offered free photo booth pics, with props, and one free Valentine card. It was a little hard to manage both kids (clearly you can see Kai is hiding underneath my boa) but it was such a fun event and I hope to do it again next year. Mila got into dressing up and wearing the boa and it inspired her to come home and create Valentines for her teachers. I can't wait for how she will react to Valentine's Day next year when she really gets into it.
Feel the love!

Little Helper

Mila's taken on the new role as big sister and "little mother". She's been such a big girl and a great help and loves her brother so much (sometimes she smoothers him with kisses). Mila was so proud to help with Kai's second bath and really wanted to give him a bottle which we finally let her help hold the bottle. There are definitely days that I worry Mila's bothering her brother or will one day move him from the place I left him, but for the most part, she's just so loving and caring to Kai that it's just too sweet for words.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Ducky

Kai 3 weeks

Mila in the ducky outfit

Mila 8 weeks

I can't believe Mila wore this outfit 3 years ago... where did the time go? People always say time flies with your kids and to enjoy every minute because it goes so fast and before you know it they are grown up and having their own kids. I'm finally starting to believe it, time is flying by. It feels like yesterday Mila was wearing this outfit hanging out on the couch. Here we are again with Kai fitting into these clothes and pretty soon these won't fit him either. And I can't believe he's already a month old.. this month has flown by and I feel like Kai was born yesterday. 

Tummy Time

We started doing tummy time with Kai per the doctors instructions... I never remember being instructed to start tummy time this early with Mila but I figured it doesn't hurt to start early. The other day I put Kai down with an art card and the boppy to get a little practice with tummy time and Mila wanted to do the same.  I snapped a few photos of her laying next to Kai.  She looks giant compared to him. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank You Notes

We've received so many nice gifts and dinners the past fews weeks after Kai was born. Many families from Mila's school brought over amazing dinners so I've been writing thank you notes. I decided to involve Mila in my thank you note writing and today she decided to make some more cards and write thank you notes to family members.
Every card starts the same "Dear so and so, I LOVE YOU so and so" "I miss you and want to see you soon" Two friends she mentioned she wants to go to the beach but every card she makes sure to say I love you.
It melts my heart to see how sensitive and thoughtful she can be.

Mommy Mila

As we expected, these days Mila is into her baby and wants to copy everything I do with Kai with her baby. It's so cute how much she is in love with Kai and so sweet to see her want to be involved.  I snapped a few photos of her the other morning doing the same thing with her baby appropriately named Katy Perry that I had done with Kai.