Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School Shoes

Now that Mila is entering Preschool we have been on a mad search to find her shoes that are appropriate for school. Since moving to LA, Mila has taken to only wearing flip flops and Crocs.  If up to her, she would prefer to go barefoot. She's truly a West Coast child! Even though Mila's school says they allow flip flops or Crocs, they advise against it. The past two weeks we've been trying to convince Mila to put on any kind of shoes.... boy has it been tough. It took us two trips to the shoe store to get her to try on the Natives and a few candy bribs to see if the converse fit.  I've also promised her I would buy her a pair of sparkly shoes like the ones she previously owned, however I'm afraid she won't wear those either.  Here are some we've purchased thus far and 3 out of the 5 we've been able to get her to try on. I think the black high tops are going back, so sad because they are so cool!

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