Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LA Parks: Finding our Favorite One

The creek at Cold Water Canyon

Mila on the big rock at the top of the stream

Mila running through the stream

The Water Fountains at Douglas Park

This area is also for kids to ride their bikes, scooters or run around

Mila in her second change of clothes after running through the fountains

The Bridge at the Duck Pond - my favorite part

Los Angeles has some of the most beautiful and clean parks. Since we moved here we've been on a search to try out and find our favorite park. Currently, we are divided in our household on which park we like the best, but here are the two I enjoy the best and the ones we've visited the most since moving here.
Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills has a great stream that kids can run around, stomp their feet and play in the rocks. This past week the weather has been almost too hot, so I've been trying to get Mila to any park where she can run around and splash in the water to cool off. There is also a great playground area with slides, swings and climbing apparatus.  The only down fall to the play ground area is it can get hot and there isn't too much shade, however on the hot days all the kids gather around the stream to cool off.
Douglas Park in Santa Monica is my personal favorite. There is so much to do and usually there is a nice breeze you can feel from the ocean so I never feel overly heated. There is a great play ground with swings, a climbing area, a slide and lots of space to play in the sand. Then there is a whole concrete area designed so kids can ride their scooters, bikes, skate boards and run around. This space is also used for the water fountains in the summer... lots of splashing around and running through the fountains. There is a ton of grassy areas for picnics as well as picnic tables and plenty of shade. My favorite part is the duck pond where the kids can see both ducks and turtles hanging out. Although the park gets crowded, I never feel overwhelmed by all the people mainly because it's such a big park and there is enough for everyone to do. 
We are still on a search to find our perfect spot, but for now we are enjoying these the most!

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