Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making Mama Friends

The past few weeks I've been feeling very nostalgic and missing NYC. I miss our neighborhood, seeing people out at all hours of the day, Bonsignour's iced coffee, Westville's turkey burgers,  Cafe Cluny,  Bleecker Street playground and the many people and kids who trek through the park on a daily basis, but most of all I miss my NYC friends. When we first moved to NYC we had a bunch of friends from college and our early working years, but after we had Mila I made some of the most amazing mommy friends. I belonged to the West Village Parents website, Highline Mommies and Bowery Babes. Through these parents groups, I have made some of the most wonderful friends. During our days home, we met up for play dates with the kids, we had biweekly girls dinners, monthly group dinners with our husbands and spontaneous meet ups at the park, coffee shop or on the street corners.  I knew I could pick up the phone at anytime and any one of my girl friends would be around to chat, help me with any mommy question or just be there to support me through this new phase in my life.
Since we've moved to California, I find myself wondering how people meet each other and how I will make new friends. Manhattan is such a social city and people are always out and about.  Every place we've been so far everyone has been super friendly, but I don't get that same sense that people are looking to make new friends here.

Yesterday I met up with an old coworkers older sister who recently had a little girl and has lived in LA for 5 years. I had emailed her about a week ago and we decided we would meet up for a walk in Santa Monica along the bluffs.  I was so excited to have a mommy friend to meet. Some one who could explain how to make friends in LA and what activities people do during the day with their kids. She couldn't have been nicer and it was so great to have someone to chat with and as we walked along Ocean Avenue, I was so appreciative for the amazing view, beautiful weather and great company.  I didn't realize how lonely I've been and how much I truly miss having girlfriends close by. I know it will take time to meet friends but it just made me realize how lucky I was to live in NYC and to have met some of the most interesting, funny and wonderful people who will probably be in my life forever.
As I can't complain, the weather in LA this summer has been amazing and we've been enjoying exploring new places, parks and restaurants... I still can't wait to go back to NYC to visit some of my favorite spots and favorite people.

Here are a few pics from my walk yesterday... I know it's going to become a favorite place of mine to walk, talk and hang out.

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