Monday, August 27, 2012

Huntington Beach

Fab had a soccer tournament in Huntington Beach over the weekend and Mila and I decided to tag along. We packed our swimsuits and thought it would be fun to hang at the beach for a little while until the games started.... it was such a fun treat. We originally thought we would find a beach in Newport but we ended up finding a perfect spot close to Fab's tournament in Huntington. We were able to park on the street (knowing that we would only stay an hour or so) and the beach wasn't crowded at all.  The weather was amazing, the water was actually pretty warm and Mila enjoyed playing in the ocean. This is the first time she felt comfortable jumping in the water and actually standing to let the ocean cover her legs.  I'm so happy we decided to tag along for a little adventure... it only took 45 minutes to get down and we had such a blast. I realized there are so many amazing spots down south so I can't wait to take another weekend to explore Newport/Huntington again! Hope you had a great weekend.

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