Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Great BackPack Debate

When Mila started school Fab and I had a discussion about getting Mila a back pack. I was totally against it, mostly I just thought it would be one more item we would have laying around the house that Mila would play with for a hot second and move on, but Fab really wanted to get her one. That conversation quickly dropped and we never got around to getting Mila a backpack before school started and honestly I was relieved that conversation was over.
Of course that first week of school, Mila and I would be out driving in the car and Mila would point out and notice all the kids with backpacks going to school. "Oh mom, look at that kid going to school, look at their backpack" We would be at the park and she would point it out.
Some little kids in her class had backpacks but I would just roll my eyes... what do little kids really need a backpack for and what are they putting in these backpacks anyhow. They all have cubbies at school with what they need for their day and honestly I don't want to be carting it off to school every day.
Then last week, the conversation came back!!! Mila came home from school and told us she wanted a backpack like a few kids in her class. Uh oh... it's starting this early! My future flashed before my eyes and I saw Mila coming home from high school requesting a Chanel handbag like her friends at school; we are so doomed! The entire week she talked about that backpack and finally I started to feel guilty. Poor child, I'm depriving her of a stupid backpack that she really wants and it's part of the entire new school experience.
Sunday after the farmers market we agreed to take Mila to find a backpack. I thought it would be an easy task, go to GAP or American Apparel, pick out one and be on our way (I was still not embracing this backpack thing). No, we went into a ton of shops on the Santa Monica promenade before we walked into the kids section at Nordstrom to find a few skip hop backpacks. Mila jumped for joy when she tried them all on and finally decided on the one above. Of course it's so huge on her and I wish they made a smaller size similar to their lunchbox size, but it's super cute and Mila's been filling it with random stuff since! The joy Mila had for a silly backpack made me happy that we decided on getting her one, it was me being dramatic about the whole thing.
Here are some other cute ones that I really like, the owl is my favorite

And of course on that trip to Nordstrom, while we were paying for her backpack, I looked over to see Mila trying on every pair of shoe trying to decide which one she wanted... I'm royally screwed!!!

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