Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Great Hike

We had so much fun on our family Runyon Canyon hike last weekend that we decided to do another one this past Sunday. We chose a new one which is much closer to our house and has amazing views of Santa Monica and the ocean. The Westridge Hiking Trail is just along Mandeville Canyon road and is another perfect hike if you have little ones and want to get our early. We were in the shade for most of the hike and the bikers weren't out so we were able to enjoy the trail with out having to share it with too many people. Of course we brought the stroller again and Mila maybe spent two minutes in it, but we realized if we don't have it, one of us would end up carrying her. Mila was enjoying the fresh morning air and chasing after her best friend Kona (the dog) and this time she came prepared with her cute little tennis shoes and hiking outfit. Being outside and enjoying our Sunday mornings has become a new favorite activity as a family that I'm hoping we can do it at least once a month. Afterward we headed to the Brentwood Farmers market for some fresh cinnamon buns and orange juice. A perfect Sunday if you ask me!

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