Monday, October 1, 2012

The Art of Being Present - Relish in it

I recently read this quote and have been thinking about it for a while. I've struggled with my decision to quit my job and stay home with Mila and I've been trying to be more present with her and our time together.  When I was working, I found myself spending my time with Mila and thinking about all the other things I needed to do or errands I needed to run. I was trying to multitask, send emails, get chores done around the house and I realized it wasn't fair to anyone. Mila wasn't getting my full attention and I  wasn't giving myself the time I needed to just focus on being a good mother. A few weeks ago I attended a panel discussion event at Kidville on Finding Balance as a Mom.  Five amazing women with completely different backgrounds, careers and parenting styles opened up about how they find balance as a mom and make sure to find time for everyone in the family while focusing on building their careers.  These women all have successful careers but a few of them took time off at some point in their life to just stay at home to be with their kids. I walked away with some great insight and tips on what I need to do to make sure I'm fully present and in the moment as my role as a mom. Let me tell you, it's been tough... as we prepare for the second baby, I'm feeling emotional about making sure I am spending enough time with Mila before my attention has to be shared with another person in the family, however I also have a million things I want to do before this second baby arrives. I'm also feeling very impatient on what I want to do next in my career and finding a job that will allow me to focus on growing my individual self as well as have the flexibility to be involved with my family. By no means have my previous jobs allowed me to balance work and family... it's all or nothing, unfortunately. This is mostly why I made the decision to stay home and focus on Mila and our family.
As I try to stay focused on just BEING in the moment, my mind wanders to all the other things I want to be in my life as a mother, wife, friend and career woman.  And as my girlfriend has tried to remind me... I just need to BE in the moment and drink green smoothies... relax and enjoy the ride!

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