Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mila's First Runyon Hike

Mila hiked a big hill before we started the hike

Hollywood Sign in the distance
Mila Getting Down and Dirty on the hike - she wasn't messing around

Last weekend we took Mila on her first hike through Hollywood Hills. I've wanted to do Runyon Canyon for a while and since this summer the weather has been too hot we waited until the weather cooled down a little bit before we made our adventure. We brought the jog stroller since I thought Mila would want to ride after a few minutes of hiking, but to our surprise she did the entire hike and refused to get in the stroller! We ended up taking her up a straight dirt hill and carrying the heavy stroller on our back since the trail wasn't meant for strollers. Mila was so determined to climb every single stair that by the time we finished she was covered in dirt, but she had a huge smile on her face and enjoyed the entire experience. We realized if you stay on the paved trail it's extremely stroller friendly and it's great for dogs. The only complaint was there was no restroom (made it feel more like we were in the wilderness I guess) so Mila and I ended up finding a bush to squat to go potty. Hopefully next time we can get great pics of the hollywood sign... it was great weather for hiking, not so great for photo ops.

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