Friday, March 22, 2013

Swim Lessons

We signed Mila up for swim lessons in preparation for our trip to Hawaii in May. Mila's been dying to take swim lessons so we were excited to finally get her in a class. Her first Saturday Fab took her and she complained that it was too cold. She stuck it out for the 45 minutes and told me she had so much fun and wanted to go back. So we took her the next Saturday and she literally lasted 15 minutes. She complained of it being too cold and even though we had her take a warm shower beforehand and recommended she keep her body under the water, she was miserable. So unfortunately her swim lessons are short lived. I think we will either need to find a warmer place to send her or get her in private lessons. Luckily we signed up for the short session, but such a bummer. Here I captured a few pics of her with her swim cap in the pool. I laugh every time I see her in that cap because it scrunches her face and eyes but she doesn't seem to mind. Such a big girl!

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