Sunday, March 24, 2013

More than ONE

Our family is starting to get adjusted to being a family of four. While I still spend 75% of my day telling Mila to please be gentle with her brother or to keep her kisses short and sweet vs long and wet, Mila's definitely starting to accept her brother as part of the family.  She doesn't seem as angry about his presence and she's finally telling him how much she loves him and how cute he is. The other day I heard Mila in the bedroom with Kai.  When I finally stopped doing the dishes to go in and check on her,  I found Mila accessorizing Kai with all her hair bows, her Cinderella watch and of course those lovely bunny ears.  I was able to capture a little bit on video and of course got this hilarious picture of Kai. This was the first time my heart skipped a beat and I was giddy inside...I saw a glimmer of my future with my kids and how some day soon they will play together. We always knew we wanted more than one kid but after 2 years of just having Mila we started to enjoy having JUST Mila to ourselves and thought it would be fine if we didn't have any other children. I'm so happy we decided to have another. Growing up with my sisters, we always had so much fun together that I couldn't imagine Mila not having a sibling.  While I know they will have many disputes and moments they won't want to play together, I now know there will be great moments of Mila caring for her little brother. And I look forward to those giggling moments of the two of them playing together.

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