Thursday, March 7, 2013

Daddy Prince

I kept Mila home today from school since she's had a tough few weeks of sleep and woke up with a runny, stuffy nose. I decided to let her watch a movie to get her a relax (yeah right, Mila sit still) and we decided to watch The Princess and the Frog. We just wrapped a whole weekend of Princess Partying so I figured, why not, let's bring on the Princess love. Mila surprisingly sat through the entire movie and had a ton of questions along the way. She really wanted to see Tiana and not the frog Tiana, and was ecstatic at the end when the frogs kissed and turned into a Prince and Princess. This was all fine and dandy until Mila started asking questions of where her Prince was. The conversation lead into how I found my Prince (Daddy) and that one day she would find her own Prince. She was content with that answer for about a minute until she wanted to see pictures from our wedding. We have a little paper book of photos from our wedding but today I asked Mila if she wanted to see our wedding video. Delighted, Mila sat down to watch pictures and video from our wedding. Here are some of the quotes from our conversation. I had to write them all down as we were talking since they were so cute!

"Oh Mom, you look so beautiful" (especially since these days I'm usually wearing sweat pants that Mila disapproves of me wearing)
"I like you Mama Bride"
"Who was watching Kai and me while you were at the wedding?"
"Where are your shoes?"
"Can I have your dress and sparkly necklace?"
"You and Daddy were dancing, did he twirl you?"
"I like your dance moves, everyone is twirling"

"Mom, your earrings are so sparkly, can I have them?" Boohoo, this lead to another conversation of why I don't have my earrings anymore. I had to explain someone came into our house and stole them and how sad I've been and how people do mean things.
Mila looking puzzled "well Mom, didn't you have your name on your earrings?" "They didn't take my earrings" Oh no Mila, you were smart and kept your earrings on...  "We can buy you some more jewels" "Mom, do you cry about your jewels?" Oh Mila, I cry about them all the time. "Does Daddy cry, Gogo cry?" Yes, Mila everyone is sad about my jewels.. "Dora cries when the swipper takes things too".

As Fab was leaving tonight she calls out "Goodnight Daddy Prince!"

Just melts my heart...

And to wrap it up, she had to try on my wedding shoes!

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