Friday, March 22, 2013

Duff's CakeMix Party

Mila had a fun cupcake decorating party with some of her fellow classmates at Duff's CakeMix in Hollywood. It was so sweet (literally) to watch her hang out with her friends and interact outside of school. Mila had so much fun and was going full blast decorating as many cupcakes as her little hands could handle. The place was amazing and had every kind of decorating sprinkles, frosting, cookie cutters, etc that the kids were almost overwhelmed by too many choices. I think by the time we left Mila had decorated a dozen cupcakes and of course insisted we bring them ALL home. After a few days of enjoying cupcakes for dessert I was able to convince her to throw some out... girl has a sweet tooth like her mom. So sorry, what can I say.  Check out those awesome red lips... we had a lot of fun decorating with those lips... Mila piled more frosting on them and more sprinkles... I wish I had a picture of the finished product. They all looked so special.

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