Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Mila Quotes

Mila's hilarious these days and I didn't want to forget some of the quotes she's said lately that made me laugh. The girl never stops talking and doesn't take a moment to slow down.

In reference to her brother "Mom, Birdman is awake"
Her response when her brother is crying "he's hungry, he needs a diaper change, he's tired"
She got some temporary tattoos from a friend at school and asked me to put them on the other day "Mom can I have a tutat"

She surprised me the other day when she was going potty... she looked at me and said "mommy, can I have some poop music" that's my girl.  And the music choice was Dance Again. Hilarious!

We were dancing to some music yesterday and she looks at me and says "Mom, look at my princess moves" and started raising her shoulders...Hilarious. I am going to use this more often.

Saturday we went to breakfast and since we decided to sit outside I had to feed Kai in the car since there was a little breeze. I came back from feeding him and Mila looked at me at said, "Mom, I had a chocolate croissina (croissant) with daddy"

And of course whenever we see a dandelion she calls them "Wishes" so cute...

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