Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Auntie Sara

Auntie Sara arrived just in time... we needed some tender lovin care and Mila needed some fun attention and interaction. We had such a great weekend with her and we were all depressed yesterday after she left. I started crying when we dropped her off at the airport and Mila's response was "Mommy, don't be sad, she'll come back!" Oh Mila, you are so cute! Then later that day Mila told me how much she missed Auntie Sara and wanted to go visit her at her house.
Mila was so impressed by Auntie Sara's ability to play the recorder that she wanted to sing some songs with her and play the guitar.  I was able to record it and we all laughed when we watched it again. Of course this morning Mila wanted me to play the recorder and I had to tell her I wasn't nearly as good as Sara.

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