Sunday, February 24, 2013


We've had some funny moments with Mila lately where she is very literal with some of the statements we've said to her. Here are a few that make me chuckle when I think about them.

Mila said she had to go potty and then started to play and lost focus on actually going to the bathroom, so I said to her, Mila let's go potty before you pee your pants. Mila looked at me and said, I'm not wearing any pants, I have a skirt on..

Fab and Mila brought home some cupcakes and Mila was so proud that she picked them out herself. When we finally sat down to eat them I told Mila the pink one she was enjoying had her name written all over it. Looking puzzled and investigating her cupcake, she finally looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't see my name on the cupcake at all".

Fab asked her if she wanted to be a lawyer when she grows up and she looked at him and replied, "No Daddy, I want to be Mila".

These days Mila is chatting non stop and comes up with some really hilarious things... she never stops until it's time to sleep and even then when we go to bed she is still telling stories until I tell her it's time to relax.

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