Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Special Day

Since Kai has been born, I haven't had the chance to spend quality time and focus on just Mila. Fab and I both had been wanting to do something special with just her but with visitors and Fab's busy schedule we hadn't had the chance until this past weekend. Fab spent Saturday with Mila and took her out to a tumbling class and lunch, while Sunday I took Mila to get her nails done and to shop for new shoes.  Mila was so patient as the lady did her nails and she had fun picking out different pinks for her fingers and toes. Mila insisted I use the same color as her nails for my toes, even though I wanted a light pale color, and we laughed that the color I wanted was called marshmallow. Of course when we left, Mila told me she wanted to come back and get her nails done again with the marshmallow color.  I know Mila enjoyed the quality time because when we pulled into the garage, she told me she didn't want to go back home. Poor girl has been so good with adjusting to her new life with her brother so I can't blame her for not wanting the day to end.

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