Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Break Ends

a truly memorable day 

Mila and I holding hands as the cold waves came over our feet (check out the bump)

so happy

Today was Mila's last day of winter break and we decided since the weather was pretty nice we would head to our favorite park at the beach. Little did I know, Mila had her own agenda. After 5 minutes of swinging and playing on the playground, she told me she wanted to get close to the ocean. Of course she remembered I packed an extra pair of clothes (which I usually do when we leave the house for a while) so she told me it was ok if she got wet in the ocean. When I told her it was a great idea she took off running down the beach in the sand and had her pants rolled up so fast so she would be ready to get her toes in the water. The ocean was FREEZING but Mila was so happy to be at the beach enjoying the nice day.  I then convinced her that we should ride the carousel but we found out it's closed on Wednesdays, so we ended up having ice cream instead. Nothing beats warm weather and ice cream on a January day.  What a wonderful way to end her last day of winter break.

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