Monday, January 14, 2013


The day before Mila became an official big sister, we had such a fun giggly day.  We had a morning filled with more crafts and then we had an amazing afternoon after school. The previous week I had told Mila it was ok to pick dandelions. She's been into picking flowers lately and we've had to remind her it's not ok to pick other peoples flowers. We made a game into finding dandelions and then I taught her to blow the florets to make wishes. Right after I picked her up from school we were walking back to the car and spotted two amazing dandelions full of florets we could blow and make wishes. Mila holding my hand eagerly picked the two and handed one to me, laughing and giggling as we decided to each blow them together and made a wish. I asked her what her wish was and of course she gave me a silly look... I of course wished to have the baby soon :)  We then headed to our favorite park and enjoyed the afternoon enjoying the warm LA weather and playing with her friend from school.

As cheezy as it sounds dandelions will now forever remind me of our last moments together just the two of us and by the wishes we made under the warm California sun. It is such a bittersweet feeling to now know Mila is a big sister and that the next few months especially but really forever I will have to share my attention with someone else.

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