Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's so sweet, Mila is truly into arts and crafts.  Throughout these past few weeks we have been enjoying coloring and doing crafts and today we ended her winter break with a final project. I had taken her to Joann's today since I needed to get a few sewing items and we had so much fun picking out crafts we could do at home. Of course Mila doesn't forget a thing so the minute we arrived at home she wanted to open all the crafts we bought and get started on them. I intentionally bought some extra crafts that Mila will be able to do when the baby arrives but she was so eager to do a project that we came up with making puppets.  We sort of whipped these up since we were trying to get her into the bath and ready for dinner but they actually turned out pretty cute. Here are the finished products.

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