Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Sister

Mila is officially a big sister. I think she's still trying to digest everything but so far she's been an amazing sister. The first night we arrived home Mila woke up and came into our bed. About 20 minutes after she cuddled into the bed with Fab, Kai and I, Kai woke up. Mila of course wanted to be involved in every little detail. She jumped up out of bed with me to change Kai, helped with the diapers and then wanted to help feed. 3 hours later, she was up and helping me again. I was worried she would be so exhausted on her birthday but she was so happy. She loves being able to help with Kai and wants to give him kisses A LOT! It's so sweet to see her with him and as we are all adjusting to a baby in the house, she's doing an amazing job.
Of course there are moments when I think she's not prepared to have him around. The other night she asked me to take him off my boob so she could give me a big hug and have me sleep with her. Or when she asked where he was sleeping since she wanted to sleep with us. But I know Mila's going to be such a loving, sweet and generous big sister. She's doing such a wonderful job already.

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