Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Paci Fairy is Genius

We finally did it. Mila gave up her beloved paci's (thank goodness!) It was definitely not an easy task but the Paci Fairy arrived and left her a new princess doll and teddy bear. We had about a month leading up to the actual night but she was such a big girl about it and we only had two nights of her asking for it and now there is no mention. What a relief. I wish we would have taken them away a year ago but she was so attached to them that it was so hard.
Here Mila is doing a little dance after the Paci Fairy called to tell her she was arriving to pick up her paci's. Don't mind my singing... I made the song up earlier in the day and then she requested this song after her call.
And the best is I find her singing this song a lot.

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