Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Believing in the Buffs

Mila has this book about the CU Ralphie mascot that was a gift from CC and Eric when she was born. Over the past few months she's become obsessed with it, mainly the part where Fab and I sing the fight song. Of course Mila has been determined to learn the song and sing along. When the Bell/Rossen's were down visiting last, Mila and Dylan took it amongst themselves to sing the CU fight song all weekend. Here we are in a deli enjoying lunch and the two of them singing the fight song (this was probably the third time and I finally pulled out my phone to record). Unfortunately what I failed to record was Fab's comment right afterward... "ok guys, let's settle down, they are loosing 50 to nothing right now"... um not a good season to be a buff fan!
Gotta love Mila and Dylan bolting it out though.

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