Thursday, December 20, 2012

My little love bug

I can't believe Mila is going to be a big sister any day! Mila's been kissing the belly a ton but I'm not sure if she really understands what's about to happen in this house. We put the crib up this past weekend and the first few nights Mila was not a happy child. I have such a bittersweet feeling these days.  I'm so excited to expand our family and give Mila a sibling but also so sad that it won't be the 3 of us any more.

Here are some things Mila's been saying these days that make my heart melt.

"Mom, you are my best friend" or "Best Friends Forever"
"Let's have a snuggle party with my stuffed animals"
"I love you very much Mommy and Daddy"

She's very into giving kisses on our checks and lips and making sure we feel her love.

When asked how she feels about the baby and what will happen when the baby arrives, she told me this morning that I will finally get to carry her. Um, I've been carrying you this whole pregnancy.

And the best, Mila thinks she's getting a puppy... it's hilarious. She has this whole story about the new dog coming.... and her new sister is going to be named Luke.  Where does she get this stuff!

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