Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mila Quotes

I've been trying to keep track of Mila's quotes and some of the funny things she's been saying these days.  Here are a few that she's said recently.

We picked a ton of lemons from Jerry's tree today and she looked at me and asked "can we make popsicle lemons" - meaning can we make lemonade popsicles.

The other night we were getting ready for bed and lately we've been using a flash light to read books. It makes getting into bed more fun and Mila likes holding the flashlight. When Fab was getting her into bed he didn't know the new routine so she looked at him and said "Daddy, this is how we roll"

All of a sudden tonight at dinner Mila busted out, "it's funky time" who knows where she got it but it was so funny.

Mila's book of choice last night was Everyone Poops. When Fab started reading it she looked at him and said "No Daddy, that's not what the book says" She was so persistent that he was making it up and kept on correcting him when he said horses poop, camels poop. "No Daddy, it's not poop it's a rock" she would say after every page. So Fab changed the words to Everyone Soils themselves. So of course when she was reading the book each page she said, Everyone soils themselves... I couldn't help but laugh when I heard her reading it last night with Fab and then today when she was repeating the story...A Horse soils themselves, a camel soils.  Hilarious.

When I told Mila she was going to met my father she looked at me and said "Is he brown like my Daddy"

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