Friday, November 30, 2012

The best place to view the Hollywood sign!

Growing up visiting California every summer, we always dreamed of seeing the Hollywood sign. Throughout the years visiting we took multiple day trips with our friends to LA to sight see,  many trips to see the Hollywood sign so it was only fitting that when my sister and niece came to visit we took them to see the famous sign. Let me tell you after all these years, I've never seen it this close either and I was equally as excited as my niece to be so close.  Google is my best friend... I found the street that would take us right to the viewing place and even though at the turn of the main road it clearly stated there was no access to view the sign we kept on driving up the hill to find a ton of tourists, sight seeing buses and people just as excited to see the famous bold letters. Here are a few pics of Mila, her cousin and aunty enjoying the nice weather and having a little fun as we all shared a little LA love.

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