Friday, November 30, 2012

A visit to the dentist

We recently took Mila to see a pediatric dentist for her first dentist visit. I was apprehensive at first, scared what the dentist was going to say about Mila's bad habit (the paci) and worried how Mila was going to behave. Mila's never one who wants to sit still for long, usually a visit to the doctor is quick and she can explore the room playing with toys or a coloring book so she's occupied long enough to get the visit done without her melting with impatience, boredom and stir craziness. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the visit and absolutely loved the dentist. We had a long wait before we saw the dentist which made me feel antsy, but the lobby had enough toys to keep Mila busy for hours. Once she was placed in the dentists chair, she had picked out a Dora video that she could view from her seat and she was settled in nice and cozy. Mila was a perfect little angel and engaged in the dental hygienists demo of brushing her teeth and finding all the sugar bugs. I pretty much had an out of body experience watching my daughter sit still for as long as she did but I was totally impressed with their techniques and tricks so I wasn't complaining. The dentist was amazing and had Mila help her with the cleaning which kept her engaged to sit long enough to finish the cleaning and flossing.
We walked out learning that Mila did indeed need to get rid of her habit, we need to loose the thick plastic sippy cups we use and she needs to brush her teeth twice a day and floss at night. Extremely helpful and a great start to good teeth... now wish us luck with the removal of the paci!

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